Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Good Fight

After the stress and joy of the holidays and, for me, the prospect of walking around again like a real boy after foot surgery, we received disturbing news from Gayle Brown Gurksnis:

When Jan was diagnosed with brain cancer she was only given a few months to live but she has fooled us all by being with us for 2 years.  As you will read, things are progressing very quickly now.    It still does not seem possible to me that we will not have her much longer but I am just so forever grateful for these last few years that she and I have had together and all because of the Reitz67 website.  Thank you too Milton!

 Subj: Update on our "Jani Girl"
Hi everyone,
Jan and I will celebrate our 23rd anniversary in a few days. We are certainly blessed to have reached that point. But her strength is waning and her mind is largely in a special place only she knows. She fell, or perhaps "dropped" is a better word, to the floor three times in the last few days and had a sustained seizure last Saturday. Fortunately she still has no pain from her cancer. There's no way to know how long she will hold on; professional estimates are a month or two, but this is Jan we're talking about! Until the last few days I felt that was hogwash, but things change without much warning despite her vitals being good.  We stopped all chemo in November as the disease was showing progression and the chemo was too demanding. We began home care about three weeks ago.
Attempts at oral communication, such as phone calls, are quite frustrating at this point. She doesn't answer questions and if she speaks, only "parrots" what others say to her. I read her emails and cards and show her pictures from Facebook, etc. and she does seem to enjoy these. At the insistence of my buddy Terry, I set up Facetime yesterday and it is great. If anyone has this and wants to give it a try sometime, let me know cause she can wave.
Remember "Hey Jude" from the day of her big operation over two years ago? Many of you recall that her surgeon was Dr. Jude! Every time he stopped by the hospital room we irritated him with a hearty ...Hey, Jude. At the time, I asked all I could reach to sing a verse during her surgery and connect our energies. Well, hum a verse once in a while and channel her...stay connected, and drop her a card when you can.  Love ya all, Al

Jan and Al Clark
2196 E. Sahuarita Wash Way
Oro Valley, Az 8575

So if you get a chance, do drop a card or letter to Jan while we still can.